Custom Fabric Printing

So, you want fabric with your own design? Simple!  Choose the fabric from options below, send us your file, tell us how much you need and when - done.


 From one colour print to photo images, from one or two meters to dosens of rolls -  tell us what you need, we are happy to do it. 

We are using state of the art wide format dye-sublimation equipment  geared up to make sure your print looks like state of the art too. 


For more information on Dye Sublimation fabric printing follow this link.


To find out more about fabrics that are suitable for printing  click here.


Printing and roll pressing starts from $13.50 per linear meter + gst.


Please email us for a full and comprehensive price list.

For the full list of fabric pricing please either email or fill in the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP


1. Choose your fabric

Sheer non-stretch fabrics

Solid non-stretch fabrics lightweight

Solid non-stretch fabrics heavier weight

Stretch Fabrics

Sports and Performance Fabrics

TK V04
TK - 24
TK - 23
sweatshirt fleece
100% polyester
weight 390 gsm
width 152 cm
basic performance jersey
100% polyester
weight 205 gsm
width 154 cm
athletic mesh
100% polyester
weight 105 gsm
width 152 cm
micro performance jersey
100% polyester
weight 170 gsm
width 154 cm
touch line jersey
97% poly 3% spandex
weight 220 gsm
width 162 cm
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2. Send us your artwork

You can email us your file, if it's under 25MB, you can upload your file into our Dropbox or use any file transfer services convenient for you.


     Artwork requirements:


We prefer to work with PDF, AI,  EPS, PSD, TIFF and JPG file formats.


If you are sending in raster files like photographs, please set them up to an actual print size at 300dpi, the minimum resolution we recommend is 150dpi – send us what you have and we’ll let you know if it’s ok or not to print.


If you require continuous fabric print from artwork supplied as pattern tiles - please make sure the tiles are repeating seamlessly. There shouldn't be any borders or excess space around the pattern tile; the repeat shouldn't require any overlapping. 

pattern tile

perfect repeat

tile with extra space around it creates gaps in the print

tile is not set up right, so the repeat

doesn't match

Please make sure that your artwork is 4 cm narrower, than the width of your chosen fabric. If you are supplying artwork as pattern tiles, make sure the number of repeats across the width of the fabric amounts to the desired width of the print. For example, if the printing width is 148 cm,  you can have 4 repeats of a tile 37cm wide, 6 repeats of a tile 24.67 cm wide, etc. 


Alternativeley, you can set up your pattern tile to the width of the chosen fabric (minus 4cm) to be repeated donwards.


3. Give us details of your order.

Please fill in the order form and tell us your requirements for custom printed fabric:

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