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T-shirt printing

We do full colour digital printing on ready-made garments like t-shirts, singlets, running tops, cycling gear or polo shirts. If you need just a logo printed or want all-over full-coverage printed garments - we are happy to do it for you.


digitally printed Vapor t-shirt
Custom all over printed t-shirt
Custom printed Vapor t-shirt

To order custom printed t-shirts, choose your printing style above, pick a t-shirt, send us your artwork and fill in an order form to let us know your requirements.



- Dye-Sublimation is great for full colour graphics and is suitable for synthetic fabric.


- This printing method permanently DYES the design into the fabric, leaving NO feel to the print. The design will never crack or fade. 


- There is no limitation for the print size - from logo to an all-over printed t-shirt.


- We prefer to use Vapor Apparel t-shirts engineered for dye sublimation.

Follow the link to learn more about the range and see the full catalogue of Vapor Apparel. ​

NOTE: While it is possible to print on coloured t-shirts - the design should always be darker, than the shirt. Because this printing process dyes the design into the fabric - the colour of the shirt becomes the background of your image. 


We print on other t-shirt brands too. Just tell us what you want.


Please make sure you read Artwork Requirements section.

Dye sublimation printing Price List:

Sizes 2XL and above incur an additional 20% price increase.

For prices for over 100 and wholesale enquiries please contact us.


Prices include printing and a Vapor Apparel t-shirt.  Postage and GST are not included.


Extra Back or Sleeve Prints - starting from Logo $5; A4 $6; A3 $7 per print - this will need to be quoted on separately. 


Printing on 3rd party t-shirts will be quoted on separately.


All-Over T-shirt Printing

-  All-Over t-shirt printing is a great alternative to custom-made t-shirts with  full-coverage designs. Unlike cusom garment production, which requires a minimum of 50 units per style, all-over printing can be done for one-off t-shirts or any quantity required.


- For this service we are using Dye-Sublimation printing, so there is no limitation with number of colours you can use for you design.


- All-over printing can be only done on garments that can be laid down flat - like t-shirts, singlets, muscle shirts, etc.  This method is not suitable for polo shirts, hoodies or anything with buttons, elastic, rhinestones and other types of decoration. We do not all-over print on long sleeve garments.


- Please, note: during all-over printing there could be slight imperfections within the seams and under the arms, but these are kept to an absolute possible minimum.


- Follow the link to choose your Vapor Apparel t-shirt for all-over printing. 


 - We recommend downloading Vapor Templates to create your all-over design.

All-Over t-shirt printing Price List:


Sizes 2XL and above incur an additional 20% price increase.

For prices for over 100 and wholesale enquiries please contact us.


Prices include printing and a Vapor Apparel t-shirt.  


Postage and GST are not included.


Printing on 3rd party t-shirts will be quoted on separately.



Templates for All-Over printing 

We recommend you use our templates to set up the files for All-Over t-shirt printing, which can be downloaded here. Please make sure you chose the right style and size of the template and follow the instructions.  Please keep the artwork on a separate layer, do not flatten the files.


If you don't use the graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator or not comfortable with templates - just send us the artwork and we will set it up for you. we'll send you a mockup how it will appear on the shirt.


Artwork requirements

You can email us your file, if it's under 25MB, you can upload your file into our Dropbox or use any file transfer services convenient for you.


We prefer to work with PDF, AI,  EPS, PSD, TIFF and JPG file formats.


If you are sending in raster files like photographs, please set them up to an actual print size at 300dpi, the minimum resolution we recommend is 150dpi – send us what you have and we’ll let you know if it’s ok or not to print.


If you have any text in your designs, please make sure it is rasterised, embeded into the artwork or converted to curves if the artwork is created in Adobe Illustrator. 


For All-Over printed t-shirts we recommend using our templates, that could be downloaded from the links above. Make sure to dwonload the right style and size of the pattern and follow instructions. 


DTG -Direct To Garment Prnting


- DTG is a surface print suitable for cotton and blends of various fabrics for t-shirts and other garments.


- We can print on light and dark coloured t-shirts, from logo to A3+ size.

- DTG printing is a great alternative to traditional screen printing, especially if you want to have full colour digital prints done or only require small quantities of garments printed.


- For DTG printing we prefer using JB Wear, Sportage and AS Colour t-shirts 

DTG printing Price List:

Please contact us for best pricing.

Order your t-shirts or request more information